Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness and Medical Issues

  • If you have chronic pain, chronic illness or medical issues, it is not uncommon to experience emotional reactions.  Many feelings such as anger, frustration, anxiety and depression can all occur.

  • With Chronic pain, Mindfullness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can teach you how to modulate your experience with pain, live with fewer flare ups and have increased quality of life.

  • Chronic illness can be intermittent, sporadic or last for years, and can be debilitating to a person’s social, physical, and psychological well-being.  Individuals coping with illness and disability can develop or adapt their lifestyle and routines to accommodate the illness and improve their well-being.  

  • Chronic illnesses or medical issues are varied and may include conditions like arthritis, cancer, cardiac events, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Lupus, Multiple sclerosis (MS), diabetes, weight issues and many others

When To Get Help

  • When emotional, mental, or interpersonal issues arise as the result of chronic illness or disability, a therapist specializing in chronic illness and medical issues can provide the support to manage this difficult time and teach strategies to adjust to any changes needed.


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