• Stress is caused by an existing factor or situation which can make it difficult to manage due to poor coping skills.  Stress also includes physical symptoms of tension which make coping even more difficult.  

  • Learning stress management techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, forms of meditation, self hypnosis and cognitive restructuring can enhance coping in difficult situations or in relationships.  


  • Anxiety is stress that continues after a stressor is gone, and is usually accompanied by apprehension or fear.  This can produce physical symptoms such as feeling restless, agitated, the experience of muscle tension, fatigue and sleep issues.  

  • Mindfullness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy address both the mind and the body which work together.  Calming your mind and learning new thoughts and behaviors will help you better cope with stressful situations without feeling anxious or overwhelmed. 

Stress and Anxiety are typically part of chronic pain,
chronic illness and medical issues.


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